Is a sport which combines fishing and paddlesports. Kayak fishing means freedom and being able to fish in places that you can´t reach from the bank. And you are there with the fish. Kayak fishing is an adventure and a lifestyle too. For kayak fishing you use an especially designed and very stable boat fitted with all kinds of gadgets, enabling you to enjoy fishing at the max. Recent years have seen a great rise in the popularity of kayak fishing.


For cooperation on development we teamed up with the Czech angling expert, David Havlíček. David is an angling enthusiast, specializing in spinning and catfish clonking. He wrote a book about catfish fishing, filmed a series of documentary and instructional videos for anglers and runs a popular fishing website. David is known for pushing the boundaries of fishing, and mentors beginners as well as experienced anglers.


„The journey of Halibut started with a phone call from Gumotex about two years ago“, says David. „I was asked whether I would be willing to participate in the development of a completely new revolutionary inflatable fishing kayak. In the very beginning, I was sceptical, but curiosity and the desire to make it work won in the end. About one year later I received a prototype of Halibut for testing, and I was very pleased, even surprised, with the stability and other qualities of the kayak. After that we only tuned up the seating arrangements and "our" first Halibut was completely finished“.


Halibut is an inflatable fishing kayak that opens up completely new dimensions of adventure. It is very stable so that you can stand up in it while casting. You can take Halibut anywhere, carry it easily in a backpack, then drop it off your back and simply pump it up. And you can walk to places that are impossible to get to with a hard shell kayak. Halibut from Gumotex is also manoeuvrable and fast, so you’ve got a reliable ally when fishing. But first and foremost, Halibut provides you with freedom and adventure wherever you go.


The new inflatable fishing kayak HALIBUT offers a new dimension of fishing. You can fish remote places with poor access. You can enjoy landing a fish in the middle of the lake. The kayak is very stable and also manoeuvrable and fast. The bottom of the boat is stiffened with a solid floor board for stable standing. The elevated adjustable seat makes mounting and dismounting easy and safe and provides comfort during those long waits for a bite. The kayak packs into a backpack that is easy to carry on your back and fits in every car. Easy storage in an apartment or a motorhome is another bonus.


Rod Holders

The kayak is equipped with holders for fishing rods or accessories.

Halibut - holders


A webbing of elastic rope at the bow and stern. There are baggage holders inside the boat too.

Halibut - webbing


Adjustable seat with a back rest provides comfort even during long periods of sitting.

Halibut - seat


Nitrilon® is a high strength fabric coated with synthetic rubber on the outside and a blend based on natural rubber on the inside. The material is abrasion and UV resistant with superior ageing qualities.

Main advantages - high stability, low weight (only 21 kg) and great space-saver. Ideal particularly for spinning, fly-fishing, catfish clogging, spreading of baits and similar.

  • The kayak is very stable, highly manoeuvrable and fast.
  • A solid floor board for perfect stability while standing in the boat.
  • Adjustable seat height
    High position – better view
    Low position – higher stability
  • Adjustable back rest provides comfort even during long periods of sitting.
  • Four holders for fishing rods or accessories.
  • Practical paddle holder
  • A long anchor loop for adjusting the position of the boat when anchoring
  • Two cup holders in the boat, for a bait container, drink bottle or similar
  • Fitting for a fishfinder probe at the bottom of the boat
  • Material: Nitrilon®

Standard equipment: plywood floor board, accessories bench, seat bench, inflatable seat with 3 rod holders, metal fishfinder probe holder, waterproof backpack, adjustable rod holder Canon, outside safety rope, elastic webbing on the bow and stern, holders for baggage inside the boat, a bailing hole, tracking fin and a repair kit.

Price: 969,-€ Buy


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