has been designed with anglers in mind but it also makes an ideal family boat for use on lakes, calm rivers and sheltered waters in general.


Ever since we made the first prototype of our inflatable fishing Halibut, which we developed together with our fishing expert David Havlicek, we started thinking of a multi-seated fishing boat with maximum variability in practical use.

While designing Alfonso, we made the hull of Ruby our starting point, but this time we were not building another pleasure boat fitted with gadgets for fishing. Alfonso is built wider, with larger side tubes and a completely new bottom to increase the stability. We gained great riding characteristics, and better comfort for the crew.

Another “nut to crack” was adapting the boat for use with oars, as oars are preferable to paddles in fishing circles. So we introduced the oars and kept the boat’s size compact when packed and easy to transport.


Alfonso is a stable three person inflatable boat, with variable positions of the seats. The boat can be paddled, rowed or driven by an outboard motor.

The boat has the load capacity of 400kg and it weighs 35kg including plywood seats and a motor mount. It can be transported in a 135l waterproof backpack, which is included with the boat. Alfonso is a real three-seat boat that needs neither trailer nor garage.

For people, who lack space, whether for storage or for transportation, Alfonso may be the perfect boat, whatever way of transport they prefer. It really doesn’t take up unnecessary space. The boat can carry ten times its own weight and its performance is inspired by the 60-year tradition of inflatable boat production at GUMOTEX.


Alfonso can take up to three passengers. It has three benches made of quality plywood. Two of these can be fitted with comfortable adjustable inflatable seats with fishing rod holders on the backrests. (Inflatable seats are included in the standard equipment) The third bench can serve as a “coffee table” or as a base for mounting of additional accessories. If you set out in a pair, you can use canoe paddles. If you set out fishing alone, you will prefer oars that can be mounted in oarlocks already installed on the boat.

Rod Holder

The boat is equipped with the fishing rod holder CANNON.

Rod Holders

The kayak is equipped with holders for fishing rods or accessories.


A webbing of elastic rope at the bow and stern. There are baggage holders inside the boat too.


Robust holders for oars


Adjustable seat with a back rest provides comfort even during long periods of sitting.


Nitrilon® is a high strength fabric coated with synthetic rubber on the outside and a blend based on natural rubber on the inside. The material is abrasion and UV resistant with superior ageing qualities.

  • Very stable with good tracking
  • 3 plywood benches (two of which can be fitted with comfortable adjustable inflatable seats while third can be used as a “coffee table” or for mounting of additional accessories.
  • 3 rod holders for fishing rods on the backrests of both inflatable seats
  • Holders for oars
  • A number of practical fasteners for attaching equipment and baggage including practical holders for a drink bottle or a bait container
  • The motor mount at the stern (fitted with 2 rod holders) can hold an outboard up to 2,6 kW [3,5 hp]
  • Material: Nitrilon®
  • Standard equipment:
    fishing rod holder suitable also for trolling, solid plywood floor for maximum stability, outside safety rope, elastic webbing on the bow, holders for baggage inside the boat, repair kit, safety-relief valve, transport drybag 135 l.
  • Recommended accessories:

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